[thredds] Reloading the TDS Cache

Hi all -

I'm looking for some best practices for reloading the THREDDS catalog.

How do large TDS implementation deal with a changing catalog?  Do you reload 
the entire THREDDS application to pick up changes?  Are there just not that 
many catalog changes, so a restart is not a big deal?

Does the THREDDS application always need to be reloaded in some way if the 
catalog is updated?  I'm trying to get away from having to reload large 
aggregations every time the catalog is changed.

For example:  When change an attribute value via NcML, the OPeNDAP form does 
not update with the changes automatically.

* Using the "Reinitialize" link on the admin panel DOES NOT refresh the form 
(even after clearing browser cache)
* Using the links on the admin panel to clear various caches DOES NOT refresh 
the form.
* Using the "Disable Caches" link on the admin panel and then clicking 
"Reinitialize" DOES refresh the dataset.  Something tells me this is not what I 
should be doing.

* Restarting Tomcat DOES reset the dataset
* Using 'touch $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/thredds/WEB-INF/web.xml' DOES refresh the 
dataset.  This is the same as using the "Reload" link on the Tomcat Manager.

Kyle Wilcox, Engineer
Applied Science Associates
55 Village Square Drive
South Kingstown, RI 02879
p: (401) 789-6224
e: kwilcox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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