Re: [thredds] Thredds and Tomcat 7

Hi Roy,

The only part of the current TDS that I know does not work in Tomcat 7
is the WMS service. The ncWMS team has some fixes for the problem, I
need to roll them into the TDS.

Some of these smaller fixes we will probably get into an upcoming TDS
4.2 bug fix release. We probably won't be able to give Tomcat 7 a more
thorough look until TDS 4.3. At that time (4.3), we will also drop
support for Tomcat 5.5 which will allow us to simplify some of our code
and simplify configuration for a few edge cases.


On 2/18/2011 10:45 AM, Roy Mendelssohn wrote:
> I notice that Tomcat 7 is now an official stable release.  Will TDS work with 
> it?  If so, and if anyone has tried it, any speed or stability improvements?
> -Roy
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