[thredds] GeoTIFFfloat => GeoTIFF_Float

THREDDS Web Coverage Service (WCS) users:

If you use the TDS Web Coverage Service (WCS),  I just found out the
hard way that "FORMAT=GeoTIFFfloat"  does not work on THREDDS TDS
(Version 4.2.3 - 20110113.2322).  I'm not sure what version this
format stopped working, but it is now necessary to specify
"FORMAT=GeoTIFF_Float" if you want at return a 32-bit GeoTIFF from a
THREDDS Web Coverage Service.

On the TDS Web Coverage Service page:
it says that "GeoTIFFfloat" is the "current" syntax, and
"GeoTIFF_Float" is the "upcoming" syntax, but I guess that the future
is here and this page needs to be updated.

I also didn't see anything about GeoTIFF FORMAT changes on

I know this is an experimental service, but what's the best way to get
notified when there is a service change?

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