[thredds] Questions concerning TIME joinExisting aggregations


I am testing some aggregations of real-time in situ oceanographic mooring
data served by the THREDDS Data Server.

Generally, the TDS has been working pretty well.  I do, however, see some
inconsistent behavior that bay be the result of how I¹ve built the catalog
or may be issues with the THREDDS Data Server.  I¹d appreciate any
information that will help with these two    issues:

1. The .html form does not properly show the indices of the variable¹s
coordinate axes.  For instance, for the data set
clicking on the TEMP variable shows ³0:1:0² for each of the time, depth,
latitude, and longitude coordinates. The form seems to know how many points
are in the coordinates as when you select them on the form they are properly
shown. Shouldn¹t the variable¹s coordinates show the same index limits that
are shown for the coordinate variables?
2. I was getting errors for an unconstrained requests of TEMP the M0 & M1
moorings, but not for the M2 mooring, e.g.:

> Mooring M1:
> http://elvis.shore.mbari.org/thredds/dodsC/moorings/OS_MBARI-M1_TS.ascii?TEMP
>> Returned: NcSDArray java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException =null for
>> request= NcSDArray read TEMP TIME(0,1,52569) DEPTH(0,1,10) LATITUDE(0,1,0)
>> LONGITUDE(0,1,0) dataset= moorings/OS_MBARI-M1_TS
> Mooring M2:
> http://elvis.shore.mbari.org/thredds/dodsC/moorings/OS_MBARI-M2_TS.ascii?TEMP
>> Returned data

> So, guessing that this problem might have something to do with the THREDDS
> cache I removed the files in content/thredds/cache/agg. The problem went away!
> It seems that I should probably be using something like the recheckEvery
> attribute in my aggregation, but the documentation at
> <http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf/ncml/v2.2/Aggregation.html> seems
> to imply that it works for only aggregations created by the scan element.  I
> am using the netcdf element to stitch together several files with the last one
> updating about every 2 hours. If I set recheckEvery = ³2 hours² will that
> solve my problem?
Thanks in advance,

Mike McCann 
Software Engineer 
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
7700 Sandholdt Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039-9644
Voice: 831.775.1769  Fax: 831.775.1736 http://www.mbari.org

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