Re: [thredds] aggregation caching: cache cleared when Tomcat restarted?

Hi John,

> Once you've accessed the dataset (no matter how slow), if you 
> immediately access it again, is it now fast?

It is fast if I immediately access it again. It is usually fast every time I 
try up until ~1-3 days later.

> Did the server get restarted or thredds.war updated?

Nope, not during these latest tests. But that was one of my initial questions: 
should I expect it to be slow again the first time it is accessed after a 
reboot?, or updating thredds.war?

> What is the lastModified date on the AggregationCache xml file 
> for that 
> dataset?

It is lastModified after the slowness recurs. Since I just did another test 
this morning, and all were slow again, the AggregationCache XML files for my 
joinExisting datasets now have lastModified times in the ballpark of Jan 3 
09:50. However, their content is no different than before (the datasets have 
not been updated).

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