Re: [thredds] FMRC URL's: dataset name now matters in TDS 4.26

Hi Rich & John,
OK, thanks for the background. I'm fine with it staying the way it is now. I 
will just try to be more careful in the future about choosing my dataset names 
ahead of time to avoid changes in our URLs.
John Maurer

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> Subject: Re: [thredds] FMRC URL's: dataset name now matters in 
> TDS 4.2
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> John,
> You *were* fixing a problem that was brought up at the NOAA
> GEOIDE/DMIT/UAF meeting in Seattle two weeks ago.   
> Some of us were
> complaining that when doing a search across federated THREDDS servers,
> the datasets that came back all just said "Best Time Series" without
> any indication of what dataset they were derived from.  So 
> we asked if
> this could be modified to have the "best" tacked onto the end of the
> original dataset name.
> I can see that this causes short-term problems, as John Maurer is
> pointing out, as you would have to change scripts and let users know
> the URLs have changed.  But I'd still rather trade the 
> short term
> inconvenience for the long term benefit.
> -Rich

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