[thredds] FMRC _FillValue mismatch (NaN)

Hi All,
I was hoping the FMRC refactor in TDS 4.2 would solve the problem of TDS 
providing NaN as the _FillValue regardless of what the data specify, but my 
tests this morning using the latest TDS 4.2.0 show it is still a problem. While 
my data specify 1.0E37 as the _FillValue attribute, the result of downloading 
data via TDS FMRC gives me NaN instead. This mismatch between the NetCDF 
attribute and the output has caused me problems in the past (e.g. attempting to 
display the data via LAS) and my workaround has been to use NcML to change the 
_FillValue to NaN prior to the FMRC aggregation in my TDS catalog so that the 
_FillValue attribute and the fill values in the output match up. Is this bug 
slated for repair in a future TDS release? For now, I can just keep my 
workaround in place.
John Maurer
Hawaii Ocean Observing System (HiOOS)
University of Hawaii at Manoa
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