[thredds] TDS 4.2: can't reinitialize from TDS admin interface

Hi All,
After upgrading to TDS 4.2 today, I can no longer reinitialize my catalogs 
using the TDS admin web interface. I get the following error on the page:
Cmd= catalogs/reinit Error on reinit null

And the following error in threddsServlet.log:

2010-11-29T10:59:49.582 -1000 [   1077846][      93] INFO  - 
thredds.server.root.DebugController - handleRequestInternal(): Remote host: - Request: "GET /thredds/admin/debug?catalogs/reinit HTTP/1.1"
2010-11-29T10:59:49.609 -1000 [   1077873][      93] ERROR - 
thredds.servlet.DataRootHandler - Error on reinit null

Any ideas on how I can get this to work again?
John Maurer
Hawaii Ocean Observing System (HiOOS)
University of Hawaii at Manoa
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