[thredds] Maximum length of viewer URL

Hi Guys:

I have been testing the Viewer options, where you add to the dataset lines such 

 <property name="viewer" 

I am trying to make it so the link not only goes to the particular viewer but 
comes up with that dataset.  Our Coastwatch browser wants a lot of info, so if 
I do

 <property name="viewer" 

all is fine but while I get the browser I am not at the selected dataset.  If I 
however try what I would like to try:

 <property name="viewer" 

it fails in the sense that an error is thrown trying to access the dataset html 
page.  So the question is, is there a maximum length to the URLs allowed, or am 
I doing something stupid and if I could only see it all would be well  (such as 
you don't want space and the like encoded and I should unencode them).  You can 
test this yourself, as it doesn't really matter what the actual dataset is. 

BTW, this is with the latest TDS 4.2 running on Ubuntu.



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