Re: [thredds] Aggregations and time in JoinNew

On 11/10/2010 10:55 AM, James Gallagher wrote:

My apologies if there is a better place to post questions about NCML...

I've been working on the automatic generations of aggregations using NCML. That is, using software to crawl servers and build/write NCML files that form aggregations of files on the crawled servers.

Question: Is there consensus on the best way to represent time (assuming it is the new dimension) in a JoinNew aggregation?

Background: I have the code working and it's currently using ISO 8601 to represent time, although I can easily change that. This is work that comes from crawling to build metadata records for dataset catalogs - aggregations fit into this because they are an effective way to mitigate some problems with very large metadata records choking catalog software (and some other semantic issues regarding 'inventories').

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Hi James:

Do you mean the best way to represent time in the "coordValue" attribute on the netcdf element? That is the way I was doing it, and I trie to get CF to accept those ISO strings as valid coordinates. I failed, so I think I switched to using just numbers. So I think its reasonable to use ISO dates, and I accept that in the CDM, but its not CF compliant unfortunately.

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