[thredds] Regularly / Irregularly gridded data

Hi all,

I have been using THREDDS for awhile now, and have been serving "regularly" 
gridded data via the WCS server. There are some datasets which I thought were 
gridded but I can only GetCapabilities document from it.

I have read the specification for THREDDS Web Coverage Service 
(http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/projects/THREDDS/tech/reference/WCS.html) and it 

 1.  Data files must contain gridded data.
 2.  The NetCDF-Java Common Data Model must be able to identify the coordinates 
system used. Check this by opening in the Grid Panel of the 
 application. There should be one or more variables shown as a GeoGrid.
 3.  Currently due to WCS and GeoTIFF limitations, the X,Y and (if it exists) Z 
axes must be regularly spaced.

What exactly constitutes the Thredds definition of "regular" and "irregular" 
data? Apart from using ToolsUI to check, what are the actual specifications of 
regularly gridded data which can be served by THREDS WCS?

Thank you for your time.

Derrick Wong
Software Engineer | Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS) Project | CSIRO

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