Re: [thredds] Station Data Subset Service vs. OPeNDAP constraint expressions

I would add that I have found a bug that I am fixing and it
will be out shortly.

=Dennis Heimbigner

Roy Mendelssohn wrote:
Id be interested in knowing which clients can handle relational constraint 
expressions? The NetCDF clients cannot, because it falls outside of the data 
model and API. I know you guys do a lot with relational databases, so its not 
surprising if your software does.  Ive been working almost exclusively on top 
of collections of files (netcdf, hdf, grib, bufr, etc). I have been on the 
lookout for new solutions, but for now it seems that people need services that 
run on top of those file collections.

Comments, please

Email exchange with dennis about whether the latest netcdf library with opendap 
support can handle relational constraint expressions:

The code should be able to handle relational
constraint expressions. To be frank, however,
I have only tested it on synthetic data
because I never could find any real data
that produced sequence data. This means
that there are probably some errors in it.
However, I am glad to work with you
to fix any bugs or other issues.

So anything that can link to the latest netcdf distribution with OpeNDAP enabled has such capabilities.

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