[thredds] java opendap basic authentication

Hi John,

  Sorry if this is not the right place to post this message.

  I have problem to use netcdf java (along with opendap.jar etc) to access a
remote data (via opendap) that requires basic authentication.   Basic
authentication does not provide security to the dataset ---but just a sort
of limitation for public access.  For example, a group researchers want to
share datasets that are still under QC, and they certainly want to make sure
it is not perceived as data product for all.   Anyway popular data analysis
software like GrADS and Ferret can all handle URL like http://usr:pass@...
to read data.  And that was the way I set up servers while I was in
Hawaii.   Right now, using matlab (if it calls use netCDF java lib)
application and GISS Panoply can not read opendap that requires basic
   It seems to me that  opendap-2.2.jar (by OPENDAP group) and
netcdf-4.2.jar (by UNIDATA group) (specifically opendap.dap.DConnect2 and
ucar.nc2.dataset.NetCdfDataset ) need basic authentication credential

  I have fixed the problem but it is rather ugly -:) for distribution.  I
wonder if you developers can put this feature in your development or if
there is any tip to share with me that it can be handled in the main method
(like to create a static httpClient object that can take care all the
authentication challenge all the way down to the lib.

  Many thanks..
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