[thredds] status of NetCDF Subset Service for Point Data?

For online on-the-fly generation of time-series plots, data are often needed in 
XML, CSV, or JSON. I have used the NetCDF Subset Service for gridded data at a 
particular point for retrieving a time series in these formats, which is very 
useful. I would like to do the same for the point/station datasets in my TDS. 
What is the status of the prototype "NetCDF Subset Service for Point Data" in 
terms of it becoming available for us to use?:


Right now, I'm instead investigating the use of the OOSTethys NetCDF Java 
Toolkit implementation of OGC's Sensor Observation Service (SOS) for my 
purposes (which I can point to my TDS) but finding it full of problems and 
difficult to use.
John Maurer
Hawaii Ocean Observing System (HiOOS)

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