[thredds] FTDS problems with nc4

Roland (Schweitzer) and John (Caron),

  It is a problem related both LAS and TDS -- so I send it to both

   I have problem to run FTDS with TDS 4.1.3 on netCDF-4 files.   TDS works
fine with netCDF4 (such as OPeNDAP service) alone, but it fails on netCDF4
after package gov.noaa.pmel.tmap.iosp being deployed into TDS's
WEB-INF/classes  All netCDF3 files still work fine though.

   Is FTDS's iosp taking over TDS's in this case ?  If so, does FTDS iosp
support netCDF4 ?

 I am trying to read the source codes on both to figure it out if I can...
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