Re: [thredds] use of "variables" metadata and odd appearance on

> When I add variables in the metadata section of my TDS catalog, 
> they appear on the TDS catalog page with a mysterious blank 
> entry such as: "temp = = sea_water_potential_temperature 
> (Celsius)". What can I add to get the "= =" filled in? I don't 
> find anything in the documentation about an additional 
> parameter, such as description or long_name that might fill this 
> in. Here is the example metadata entry in my catalog:
> <metadata>
>   <variables vocabulary="CF-1.4">
>     <variable name="temp" 
> vocabulary_name="sea_water_potential_temperature" units="Celsius" />
>   </variables>
> </metadata>

To answer my own question for future reference, you can do the following to 
solve the above problem:

<variable name="temp" vocabulary_name="sea_water_potential_temperature" 

i.e. You can put the variable's long name inside the <variable></variable> tags 
and this will then appear on the catalog page.
John Maurer
Hawaii Ocean Observing System (HiOOS) 

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