Re: [thredds] WMS GetFeatureInfo and text/xml format

Hi Ethan,
I've just tested the TDS 4.2 Beta ( Version 4.2.20100707.0012 ) out with default WMS settings, and yes problem appears to be fixed.
So I think we'll upgrade the new version.


El 13/07/2010 22:12, Ethan Davis escribió:
Hi Marcos,

This problem appears to be fixed in our development code, TDS 4.2, which
is currently in beta release. If you are up for testing it out, I would
like to hear how it works for you. It is available from the TDS web site

We don't plan on porting this fix back to TDS 4.1 as we have done a
major re-integration with the ncWMS code for TDS 4.2.



On 7/13/2010 12:53 PM, Marcos Hermida wrote:
Hi all!
We're running a TDS version 4.14 at  with WMS enabled for most
datasets. Everything seems to work fine but the request GetFeatureInfo
with INFO_FORMAT=text/xml that returns a 404 server error. Oddly enough
it works fine with INFO_FORMAT=image/png.
Here are two sample requests:
- image/png:

- text/xml:

And I think it happens the same with the Unidata THREDDS server (at
least for the couple datasets I checked):


Any idea what's wrong here?

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