Re: [thredds] ampersands not working in viewer property URL

Hi John,

I get the same message with a straight ampersand ("&") in the URL.
However, if I encode all ampersands as "&", I don't get the error
and the viewer link shows up fine on the HTML page. I've been testing
this in our 4.2 code but this particular piece of code doesn't appear to
have changed since 4.1.

Could you double check that you see this problem if all the ampersands
in the URL are encoded as "&"?



On 6/24/2010 6:09 PM, John Maurer, IV wrote:
> Hi All,
> Are we not allowed to include ampersands in the URL string for adding a
> viewer property? Even when I encode them as & I get the same error.
> I am trying to point a viewer directly to a screen in Live Access Server
> (LAS) that will display the dataset being viewed in TDS; as an example,
> here's a URL to our ROMS FMRC model output:
> When I add this URL in the viewer property, the catalog for that
> datasets page fails to load (HTTP Status 404: Not Found).
> threddsServlet.log and catalina.out have nothing much to say, but here
> is what I found in catalogInit.log about this:
> readCatalog(): full
> path=/usr/local/tomcat/content/thredds/idd/ocn_mod_hiig.xml;
> path=idd/ocn_mod_hiig.xml
> readCatalog(): invalid catalog -- ----Catalog Validation version 1.0.01
> **Fatal:  InvCatalogFactory.readXML failed
>  Exception= org.jdom.input.JDOMParseException Error on line 73: The
> reference to entity "catid" must end with the ';' delimiter.
>  fatalMessages= *** XML parser fatalError (73:101)= The reference to
> entity "catid" must end with the ';' delimiter.
>  errMessages=
>  warnMessages=
> initCatalog(): failed to read catalog
> </usr/local/tomcat/content/thredds/idd/ocn_mod_hiig.xml>.
> Note that it is referring to "catid" that is in the URL I am trying to
> use. Is there a workaround for this or is this a feature I can request
> for a future TDS release? Thanks!
> Cheers,
> John Maurer
> Hawaii Ocean Observing System (HiOOS)
> P.S. Here is the entry in my TDS catalog about this:
>   <datasetFmrc name="HI-ROMS Forecast Model Run Collection"
>                ID="roms_hiig_forecast"
>                path="hioos/roms_forec/hiig"
>                collectionType="ForecastModelRuns">
>     <metadata inherited="true">
>       <property name="viewer"
> value=",Live
> Access Server (LAS)" />
>     </metadata>
>     [...etc...]
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