[thredds] multiple viewer links ignored

Hi All,
I would like to add more than one additional viewer link for some of my 
datasets in TDS. I've noticed if I add multiple links, only the first one 
appears in my TDS catalogs. For instance:

<property name="viewer" value="http://oos.soest.hawaii.edu/las,Live Access 
Server (LAS)" />
<property name="viewer" value="http://oos.soest.hawaii.edu/erddap,ERDDAP"; />
<property name="viewer" value="http://hioos.org/map,HiOOS Google Map" />

Only LAS will appear, not ERDDAP and HiOOS Google Map. I am using TDS 
4.1.20100520.1554. Would be nice to have this feature in a future release or 
details as to what I am doing wrong.
John Maurer
Hawaii Ocean Observing System (HiOOS)

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