Re: [thredds] TDS 4.2 FMRC catalogInit error: Name is null

Hi All,
Here is a brief follow-up on some new progress I've made on this problem:

Because of the error from TDS 4.2, I have returned to TDS 4.1 for now but at 
least found a workaround for the _FillValue mismatch. Because FMRC is returning 
NaN for _FillValue, I have set this to NaN with NcML in my TDS config file for 
these datasets. As I stated below, this was not working for me at first because 
I was making the modification within the aggregation tag. Placing this 
modification prior to the aggregation tag instead now gives me the expected 
results: the metadata on the TDS OPeNDAP page and the OPeNDAP output now both 
have NaN for _FillValue so there is no longer a mismatch causing errors for me 
in visualization applications such as LAS.

John Maurer
Hawaii Ocean Observing System (HiOOS)

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From: "John Maurer, IV" <jmaurer@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thursday, June 17, 2010 4:10 pm
Subject: TDS 4.2 FMRC catalogInit error: Name is null
To: thredds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

> Hi All,
> I'm working with the latest development release of TDS (4.2) in order to take 
> advantage of the FMRC refactor. However, I get an error for each of my FMRC 
> datasets in my TDS catalogInit.log that says something like the following:
> readCatalog(): Exception on 
> catalog=/usr/local/tomcat/content/thredds/idd/atm_mod.xml Name is null
>  log=null catalog
> java.lang.NullPointerException: Name is null
> I do not see where "Name" is supposed to be used in the documentation, and I 
> already have lower-case "name" settings in place. Any ideas what's going on 
> here? I realize this is not a stable release yet, so my apologies if I'm 
> jumping the gun. Here is the URL to our THREDDS catalog:
> Go to "Ocean Model Output" or "Atmosphere Model Output" and you will get an 
> HTTP Status 404 - Not Found that results from this problem.
> A little background on why I care:
> Because of the way FMRC used to work, I am getting NaN for _FillValue in my 
> Best Time Series even though the source NetCDF dataset files have _FillValue 
> set to 1.0E37 in their metadata. This discrepency is causing problems when 
> displaying my data in LAS 7.1.1: the metadata say one thing, but TDS delivers 
> another. I have tried using NcML to get the two in sync but without any 
> success. From my understanding in talking with others, this is a known bug in 
> TDS that will be fixed in 4.2. I have converted all my FMRC catalogs from the 
> old datasetScan syntax to the new featureCollection syntax as described here: 
>  I have attached one example.
> Thanks for your time!
> Cheers,
> John Maurer
> Hawaii Ocean Observing System (HiOOS) 
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