Re: [thredds] How to download bulk datasets?

Hi John,

I played a bit more with the catalog.xml. This works well with wget. I
managed now to download all the netcdf-files from a directory:

wget -nc -r -l2   -I /thredds/fileServer/,/thredds/catalog/

I use here the existing datasetScan catalog.xml file, and fetch all
nc-files up to two links away. Beside the nc-file, I get the
catalog-file of the nc-file (e.g.

A catalog-file in the fileServer would be saver, since the 2-levels
(parent and child) might include other information, but at least I can
offer our users something already now.

Best regards,


On 2010-05-06 21:31, John Caron wrote:
> Hi Heiko:
> We use catalog.xml exactly because theres no standard html index format.
> A simple java GUI app could make this easy to do, but Im not clear if
> that would help your case.
> John
> On 5/6/2010 3:16 AM, Heiko Klein wrote:
>> Hi John,
>> I don't think there is a standard format for directory index / listings.
>> Looking at the different implementations (Tomcat (DefaultServler,
>> listing = true), Jetty (dirAllowed = true), Apache (mod_dir,
>> DirectoryIndex)) the common pattern is, that they all have links to all
>> (non-hidden) files in the directory, and not much more (possibly parent
>> directory and some gifs/png differing between file and directory).
>> Thredds listings of 'datasetScan' look very similar to the tomcat
>> listings, except that they link to the dataset-overview page, and not to
>> the fileServer page.
>> RAMMADDA looks like a solution for a completely different type of users,
>> except for the embedded ftp server.
>> Best regards,
>> Heiko
>> On 2010-05-05 01:28, John Caron wrote:
>>> Hi Heiko:
>>> TDS specializes in the logical subsetting of datasets, so we havent
>>> thought much about file downloading.
>>> The index is provided by THREDDS catalogs, eg
>>> view-source:
>>> If it was me, I would write a nice little client app to make it easy to
>>> select files and download. Perhaps we will throw one together.
>>> If  there is some standard format for "index.html" that works with wget
>>> and other clients, perhaps we can provide that.
>>> Otherwise, RAMMADDA is another good solution.
>>> John
>>> On 5/3/2010 3:47 AM, Heiko Klein wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> we are moving more and more from our ftp-solutions to thredds with http
>>>> and opendap enabled.
>>>> Some users complain about this solution, since it is no longer possible
>>>> to download bulk datasets, that is, all files in one directory. Our
>>>> ftp-server supported 'ls' and several ftp-clients have support for that
>>>> so e.g.
>>>> ftp
>>>> $ cd directory
>>>> $ mget *.nc
>>>> worked well.
>>>> There are some http-downloader which support mirroring of a directory
>>>> which would be comparable, but this requires a proper directory-listing
>>>> for the http-download.
>>>> An example:
>>>> contains daily files of several years. To clicks further
>>>> is one of those files.
>>>> wget -r -l1 --no-parent
>>>> ''
>>>> was my best try to get all netcdf-files in the ice-drift catalog.
>>>> Unfortunately, this requires a ice-drift/index.html (or
>>>> directory-listing) which doesn't exists.
>>>> Does anybody knows about a solution to download several (hundred) files
>>>> from a thredds-server in a simple way?
>>>> I even thought about aggregation, but as far as I see, this doesn't
>>>> work
>>>> with the http-downloader, but requires a opendap client (i.e. nco),
>>>> which might be to complicated, and might lead to errors if products
>>>> change of the years (better resolution, updated metadata...)
>>>> Best regards,
>>>> Heiko
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