Re: [thredds] How to download bulk datasets?

RAMADDA supports bulk download of files (as well as on the fly generation of THREDDS catalogs). You can zip up an entire directory tree for download, preserving the structure.

Hi Heiko,
For example, looking here:

In the file menu there are Zip Folder and a Zip Tree links. Zip Folder will zip up the files that are directly under the folder. Zip Tree will zip up the entire Folder tree, preserving the directory structure in the zip file.

Also under the File menu is a wget script link. This is a generated shell script that does a wget of each of the files in the folder.

There is also an experimental embedded ftp server built right into RAMADDA. So (if/when it works :-)) you can ftp to ramadda. The folder structure (which is really in the database) is made to look like a ftp directory structure. So far we haven't implemented mget or pattern matching.


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