[thredds] GI-Cat distributed catalog services package

Hi all,

During a visit to the ESSI Labs, I was given a demonstration of GI-cat,
which is an open source package, which

   - "Allows clients to discover and evaluate geoinformation resources over
   a federation of data sources;
   - Allows different clients to use the service, as it publishes different
   catalog interfaces.

A data provider can deploy his/her own GI-cat instance, grouping together
disparate data sources, to accommodate his/her user needs."

As noted on the web description, it can be accessed by a via a number of
different standards-based catalog interfaces, so many clients are available
in addition to the GI-Go catalog/search client of ESSI labs.

*ESSI Labs page:*

GI-cat page:

GI-go page:

To me, it seems to me an excellent complement to THREDDS Data Server
technologies.  During the demo, we were able to connect to a TDS service on
the NCDC NOMADS server simply by entering the URL via the convenient
configuration interface.  This appears to be a very good solution for
filling a gap between THREDDS (and many other) data services and
standards-based search systems.

-- Ben
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