Re: [thredds] Which servers implement a THREDDS catalog response?

Ethan Davis wrote:
Hi Nathan,

We have a page that lists server and client software at

GDS and Ferret-TDS are the two additions to your list of servers.

If anyone has additions for any of the lists on that page, please let us
know and I'll be sure to add them.

Hi Nathan,

RAMADDA ( delivers its content in a variety of formats including THREDDS catalogs, e.g.:

Other (non-html) formats that RAMADDA provides includes RSS, ICAL, KML, DIF and OAI-PMH. Just hit the "View" menu on any of the RAMADDA html pages.

On the Unidata RAMADDA server we also have a collection of servers (both TDS and RAMADDA) running in the community:


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