Re: [thredds] ncWMS GetCapabilities return sometimes empty document


I'm still trying to track down this problem, so here a short update:

The ncWMS/TDS crashes seems to be connected to concurrency: The problem
occurs when reloading the wms-client (openlayers in firefox), that means
GetCapabilites and GetMap are run in parallel. We're downloading tiles,
so reloading will fetch one capability doc + approx 12 maps.

* If I configure tomcat to only use one thread, and use the default
'HTTP/1.1' connector, the problem disappears (but response-times are
very slow).
* Using 4 threads + 'HTTP/1.1', the problem appears very fast. (one or
two reloads)
* Using the 'Nio' connector and 4 threads, the problem appears, but not
so fast (3-4 reloads)
* Using the 'Nio' connector with only one thread, is about the same as
Nio with several threads.

Best regards,


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