Re: [thredds] asynchronous data access

Hi John,

John Cartwright wrote:
> has anyone used TDS for asynchronous data access, e.g. data in a tape
> library that might take minutes to an hour to retrieve?

I don't know whether anyone has actually tried this or not. It has come
up a number of times in the past. The main hitch is that asynchronous
responses are not supported by any of the data access protocols that are
available through the TDS.

The OGC WCS 1.1 specification has a mechanism to try and deal with
asynchronous responses. I'm not sure if there are any implementations
that support this mechanism. Our implementation is WCS 1.0 before it was
introduced. I'm not sure if it is still in the upcoming WCS 2.0.

OPeNDAP has had some discussion of this as well. There was even talk of
forming an OPeNDAP working group on this topic but no one has had the
time to push it forward (as far as I know).


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