Re: [thredds] CF conventions for NetCDF metadata?

I did add some metadata on lembert conformal to my template earlier today but wasn't able to test the page at the time as the /Datasets/NARR.derived was in error on webint. (I'm still not sure why it wasn't there before).

To test the interface, I will need to contact that user from last week. We actually could have had him just download another NARR netCDF file but I needed to fix this anyway.


CathyGreg Keith wrote:
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The first part of this is not exactly a TDS question, but the second
part is...

We have had some recent complaints that the NetCDF data we serve using
THREDDS from cannot be imported
successfully into ArcGIS. In contrast to our installation, we are told
that the NetCDF files served from the NCDC NOMADS THREDDS server at import

I am wondering if the reason why is because the metadata in the NetCDF
files we serve using THREDDS adheres to the CF 1.0 conventions, and it
is lacking the more full-featured grid mapping attributes added in
later CF versions, specifically the "grid_mapping_name =
latitude_longitude" grid mapping I see documented in the CF 1.4

However, I thought that if ArcGIS assumes the WGS-84 datum where
projection is not specified, it would default to lat/long when
importing the file...

The second part of this question IS a THREDDS-specific question - I
see, for example with the NCDCD NOMADS TDS NARR files (for example,
that NCDC is serving GRIB files and then using the NetCDF Subset
Service to allow the user to add required variables ("Add Lat/Lon to
file" may be the crucial piece missing in our setup for imports into
ArcGIS). However, I don't understand from looking at the NetCDF Subset
Service docs what enables this interface - is it a config setting in
TDS, more comprehensive metadata in the files we serve, both?

Thanks, Greg

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