[thredds] presentation materials

Hi Peter,

Your willingness to present an update on GALEON and WCSplus at the OGC TC
meeting in Stresa is greatly appreciated.   I hope that some of the
materials I am assembling for our presentation at the AGU will be useful.
Right now, I have just thrown everything that might be of interest into a
powerpoint draft at


As I continue to pare it down to size while adding a few diagrams from the
Unidata OGC Interoperability Day presentations, I'll update the powerpoint
at that URL location.

My sense of the main points we want to convey to the TC:

-- The WCSplus effort spawned at the Interoperability Day plans to
contribute to the evolution of the WCS spec by taking a hand-on
implementation and testing approach to determine what minimal changes to the
spec are needed to serve the datasets of the GALEON community.

-- The plan is to feed the results of those implementation and testing
exercises into the WCS.RWG so the can be reflected in the core WCS spec or
extensions as appropriate

-- In the GALEON community, there are several scientific data types other
than the gridded forecast model output that was the focus of GALEON Phase 1
(e.g. point data/station observations, trajectory, swath, radar scans, and
the irregular grids used in coastal oceans modeling.)

-- A significant effort in GALEON  is needed to extend the CF conventions
for these other data types and to ensure that adequate the coordinate system
information is provided explicitly in those conventions

-- Mappings to ISO 19123 coverage specifications are needed for all the data
types at both the abstract and encoding levels.  The relationships among the
Scientific Feature Types of the Climate Science Modeling Language (CSML) and
the Sampling Feature Types of SWE Observations and Measurements must also be
mapped out.

-- It may be appropriate to serve this variety of CF-netCDF-encoded,
ISO-conforming coverages via WFS or SOS as well as WCS. Experimentation will
be needed in those areas.  The role of special dialects of GML such as CSML
at the conceptual level and ncML-G at the encoding level must be worked out
in detail.

-- According to their expertise and community needs, different groups in
GALEON will concentrate their efforts on different aspects of the huge
amount of work to be done.   We remain convinced that, by dividing up the
tasks while carefully coordinating the efforts, substantial progress can be
made in an incremental, step-by-step fashion.

-- And last but not least, please let everyone know that Ben Domenico is
very disappointed that he is not able to be at the OGC TC meetings in Stresa
to take part in the discussion.

Now I'll get back to work on the presentation.  Others may have comments and
corrections to any and all of this.

Once again, Peter, many many thanks for offering to convey the GALEON update
to the OGC TC groups in Stresa.  Have a safe trip.

-- Ben
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