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It's not a browser caching problem. I have a very old LAS that accesses these files. From the LAS, input for a model run is set up then a servlet is run on 1 of several possible machines that starts a FORTRAN model run that overwwites files so that the LAS interface has static files/"DODs" URLs for the output. We are moving to different code but need to keep this working until the new is up and reliable. The data updates, I can see that in the plots, but I use global attributes in labeling and I get the old information sometimes, 2 out of 31 SIM runs. The example I put out on the sift machine was run on an internal machine and then sftp-ed to sift. Then I made another run and again sftp-ed it to the sift machine and saw the same "old attributes" problem, which I really didn't think I would. If tomcat is restarted then I get the new information so I imagine it is some caching problem. I did try removing the file before rerunning the SIM and that did not solve the problem. Is there some way to turn off caching of metadata so the file is checked every time it's accessed? Jean
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On Tue, 6 Nov 2007, John Caron wrote:

The other possibility is caching in your browser. It can be tricky to
be absolutely sure you are getting a fresh copy. I like using the "Live HTTP Headers" plugin for firefox. But perhaps Shift-Refresh might work also. An independent test is the ToolsUI application, which never caches:

If you still see the problem, then it is caching on the server. It
occurs to me that "overwriting the file" may be the problem. You should be writing a new file, and deleting the old. What exactly are you doing?

Roy Mendelssohn wrote:
Hi jean: '

My guess is you are getting the cached information, which hasn't been
updated.  You can set the frequency of update in the catalog xml
file.  Also, usually if you touch the file  (i.e. do something that
causes to Thredds to access the data( that  usually also updates the

-Roy M.

On Nov 5, 2007, at 4:51 PM, Jean.C.Newman@xxxxxxxx wrote:

I have a set of netcdf files that are being accessed via OpenDAP
and are
regularly overwritten. Most of the files, 29 sets of 31, update
but in 2 file sets the "Global Attributes" don't update to the new
information although the "data" does. "ncdump -h" shows the correct
information, :history = "MOST v2.080 11-05-2007  16:09:22" ;
              :title = "Aleutian-Cascadia: Mwt 8.4, 21.00*b65" ;
  in the headers but when I look at it in a browser,
I see the old file attributes,
history: "MOST v2.080 11-05-2007  11:49:33"
title: "Aleutian-Cascadia: Mwt 8.5, 29.00*b25".
If I restart tomcat then the correct information shows up.
I'm new at thredds so I may very well be doing something stupid but I
could find no information. Below is the change I made to
$tomcat_home/content/thredds/catalog.xml. Any suggestion?
Thank you, Jean
<service name="ncdods" serviceType="OpenDAP" base="/thredds/dodsC/" />
   <datasetScan name="MOST tsunami model data" ID="mostDatasetScan"
        path="sims" location="/home/tg15/data/sims"
     <metadata inherited="true">
       <include wildcard="*.nc"/>
       <lexigraphicByName increasing="true" />
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