Re: [thredds] User and password in URL location file for NCML

Hi Antonio:

I have been reluctant to add username:password support because:

 1. it's so obviously insecure. IE apparentlly no longer supports it, at least 
as a default.
2. i believe username:password is not really part of a URL, but something the client (eg browser) parses and transforms to HTTP headers.
 The correct thing to do is probably to allow you to configure 
username/password responses to HTTP challenges. Perhaps I can test that with a 
real URL you want to use? (the one below didnt seem to work).

 Im cross-posting to dods-tech to see if James or anyone has more thoughts.

Antonio S. Cofiño wrote:
I'm using
THREDDS Data Server Version 3.16.17 Build Date = 2007-08-23 20:07:45

and I want to provide access through my TDS to another opendap server,
but this opendap server require athentication in th form of user:password

I have written this, thinking that is the standard way to do it for a
browser, but it doesn't work

<netcdf xmlns="";>
  <aggregation type="union">


If i'm putting the same URL in the location bar of ToolsUI it doent't
work neither.

I'm think that is a problem with netcdf-java library.

Any ideas or comments?

Thank you and regards

Antonio S. Cofiño
University of Cantabria

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