[thredds] Thredds Debug Reinit


I encountered a strange thing while reloading Thredds configurations with
the "http://server/thredds/debug?catalogs/reinit"; url.
The fatcs are that it seems it does not reload all the configurations, for
example, changing datasets properties takes effect
(name, id, path, location ...), but when i try to change ncml datasets
properties such like removing a variable, or the scan
location, it doesn't work, this is effectivelly reloaded only when i restart
the Tomcat's Thredds context ...
I thought it was maybe related to caching, so i have removed all cahce file
before reloading via the Thredds debug interface but
it is the same.

My Thredds version is :
THREDDS Data Server Version 3.15.02 Build Date = 2007-01-30 22:32:06

Does someone met the same ? Is there any configurations to do to avoid this
problem ?


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