Re: [thredds] personal news


Congratulations on your new position.  Of course, we'd really like to
continue our collaborations, so please keep in touch.

-- Ben

On 9/18/07, Daniel Edelson <d-edelson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear My World collaborators,
> I am writing with some exciting news.  I have recently accepted the
> position of Vice President for Education and Children's Programs at
> the National Geographic Society in DC.   I will be starting there on
> December 1, following a long-scheduled visiting appointment in Paris
> for the fall.  As you know, NGS has championed the cause of K-12
> geography education in the U.S. for more than 20 years.  My job will
> be to establish a geography education reform strategy for the future
> and implement it.   It's a tremendously exciting opportunity for me,
> and I'm looking forward to bringing what I've learned over the last
> 15 years about education to a place where there is an opportunity for
> broad impact.
> I have started working on arrangements to move the My World
> development efforts to the National Geographic.  It will probably be
> a while before that transition takes place, and in the meantime, our
> work will continue uninterrupted at Northwestern.  This move will not
> have any impact on the commercial distribution of My World by PASCO.
> As excited as I am about this new opportunity, I definitely have
> mixed feelings about leaving Northwestern after 17 years. It has been
> a wonderful place for me to work and learn.  This is tempered by the
> fact that I will be able to bring all the relationships I've formed
> while I've been here with me, and I expect to be drawing on those
> relationships extensively as I get underway in my new position.
> Best,
> Danny
> ----------------------------------------
> Daniel C. Edelson
> Associate Professor, Learning Sciences and Computer Science
> Northwestern University
> Address: 2120 Campus Drive #240, Evanston, IL 60208
> Home page:
> GEODE Initiative:
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