Re: [thredds] Metadata generation in TDS

Hi Jerry:

We do have some general capabilities to do this, but havent got them to the 
point where users can easily use them. The problem is to match the attributes 
inside the file with standard tags in the catalogs.

The "Forecast Model Collection" type does some of this automatically, because 
it knows what the space and time coordinates are, as well as the relevent variables. 
These scientific data types are probably the way to extract correct info automatically. 
Its hard to do it for an arbitrary file.


Pan, Jerry Yun wrote:
Is it possible to configures TDS to extract the embedded metadata from a data collection (like global attributes, var list), to display on a catalog page? I know one can have add more by hand via enhanced catalog, but it would be nice if it can scan the data itself... Thanks -Jerry


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