[thredds] Unidata OGC Interoperability Day

Hi all,

We have one week before the OGC Interoperability Day that Unidata is
sponsoring in conjunction with the OGC Technical Committee meetings in
Boulder.  The Interoperability Day will be open to OGC members and
non-members alike and will be held next Wednesday, September 19,  in one of
the main auditorium rooms at UCAR's Center Green campus:

The topic is
*Standards-based Web Services Interfaces to
Existing Atmospheric/Oceanographic Data Systems*
There is a draft

In addition we are planning to
presentations at:
http://real.ucar.edu/ramgen/broadcast/unidata.rm and hope to have the
presentations available at http://galeon-wcs.jot.com/WikiHome/GALEON Phase2
Main Page/Unidata OGC Interoperabilty Day
webcast attendees can follow along.

Information about the Interoperabilty Day is being posted at

We hope to see you there.

-- Ben
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