[thredds] Restricted datasets


Has anyone been able to setup restricted datasets without the use of
SSL?  I did note that client must be able to switch between SSL and (I
guess) normal modes, so does this mean SSL must be enabled in Tomcat?
Also, has anyone done tests on whether clients, such as Matlab, Grads,
ncdump, etc with restricted datasets? 

We've tried following the restricted access page here
 but seems to be having trouble getting it setup.  When we set it to in TDS's 


And point the browser to an OPeNDAP link, we get an error with the
saying that there's problems with the redirection.  I suspect that this
has something to do with the circular redirect?  But if reloaded, the
OPeNDAP form will show up.  Has anyone else had the same problem?  And
how did you get around it?



Pauline Mak
Ph: (03) 6226 7518

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