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Hi Guys:

In our TDS, we are beginning to get some datasets with a very large number of files being aggregated, and recently we have noticed some dramatic slowdowns. We also made other changes, so the problem may well be something we did (we are trying to determine this), but in the meantime we had some questions relating to aggregation (in this case through time) and the datascan and updates.

1. Is there a priori reason to believe that with a large number of files access/aggregation will be faster by having them in subdirectories?

2. If we had subdirectories, we had a question about how the datascan works when it updates. Ideally we might want to have subdirectories be something like year/month sets of files, with the most recent data put into the top level of the directory. What this would mean is that not only would files be added, but at the end of the month some of the files will be moved to a new subdirectory. Will the update as written deal with this properly, or are we likely to break it or get weird results. (I hope I have said this clearly - the key point is that a some time there would be a new subdirectory added and files moved out of the top level to that subdirectory, but the over aggregation would be the same).

And insights you could provide would be appreciated.

-Roy M.

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