Re: [thredds] Problems retrieving point data

Hi Evan:

I's seeing the problem also, ill check to see whats going on, thanks.


Evan Thoms wrote:
I would like to retrieve csv files of MSL, wind direction, and wind speed for specific points, that is, a sounding of forecasted wind data. I am trying to subset the grid accessed through:

and my query url looks like this:

That is, I am testing with a lat long of 55, -160,
leaving the default Specific Time that comes up when I click the radio button,
have clicked Wind_direction and Wind_speed under 'with Vertical Levels'
and chosen csv as the output

and yet the returned text is this:

date,lat[unit="degrees_north"],lon[unit="degrees_east"],vertCoord[unit="m"],Wind_direction_from_which_blowing[unit="degrees"],Wind_speed[unit="m s-1"]

If I query the U and V components, it's a little better, although I only get one line of data, not an entire sounding through the pressure levels.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Also, the data getting returned are just the data stored at the nearest grid node, correct? There isn't any interpolation going on is there? If not, how would I query the 4 nearest grid nodes for a location so that I could do an interpolation?

Thanks much for any suggestions

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