forecast output management


A few month ago, I've seen on UNIDATA web site a page on how to configure forecasting model outputs in TDS server but I cannot get it again. What is still available for that purpose in the latest TDS version ?

I have to manage netCDF files containing the whole output for one run (analysis at t0, forecast at t0 + 24h, forecast at t0 + 48h...) and I would like organize datasets as :
   1) bulletin (1 dataset = 1 run)
2) homogeneous forecast steps (e.g. one time serie for analysis, one time serie for 24h-forecast, one time serie for 48h forecast...) 3) best estimate time serie (e.g. all analysis from previous runs + latest run).

I'm sorry because that issue has always been raised but I cannot catch the current status of TDS for that issue.



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