Time in WCS

Roy Mendelssohn wrote:
While I have your attention, I have not been able to get a straight answer if there is a way to send the WCS request to get a time range, rather than a single time, and if so what is the syntax for that.

Hi Roy,

The default in a GetCoverage response is all available times: you can restrict the times using a TemporalSubset Restriction which lists one or more times or a range.

TimeSequence= 20060801,
20060811, …
OR TimeSequence = 20060801/
2006-0901 / P1D, …
Optional, include when
temporal subset desired
other than default b
Request a subset corresponding to the
specified time instants or intervals,
expressed in the extended ISO 8601 syntax
defined in Annex D of [OGC 04-024].

However, the standard response file format for WCS is GeoTIFF, and you probably do not want to put multiple times into a single GeoTIFF file (because while one can put multiple images in a GeoTIFF file, I don't think there is a standard way to label the different images as having different times). It all depends, of course, on what the client can handle, but hopefully the client won't ask for things it cannot handle.


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