Re: THREDDS API Question

On Jun 18, 2007, at 1:43 PM, Nathan Potter wrote:

- DataRootHandler depends on the class ucar.unidata.util.DateUtil which is not in my current THREDDS lib (netcdf-2.2.18.jar) Is there an update for that too?

Thank for pointing me to the netcdf-2.2.20.jar, that fixed the issue.

A new issue is:

When I set up the catalogs for the first time I call:


This does not cause the ConfigListener.configStart() and ConfigListener.configEnd() methods to be called. I think this is an oversight.

I cannot call DataRootHandler.initCatalogs() as the scope of that method is limited to the thredds.catalog package. However it is that method that the configStart() and configEnd() calls are made.

Is the expectation that I should handle this for the initial configuration? Or should the DataRootHandler be doing it?


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