Re: Dataset Source Plugin

Hi Bob:

Apparently DatasetSource was added in version 3.15. We are about to release 
3.16, you probably want to use it:

Bob Simons wrote:
I am trying to implement a Dataset Source Plugin as described at . However, I can't compile my class which implements thredds/servlet/DatasetSource because thredds/servlet/DatasetSource.class doesn't seem to be in the 3.14/thredds.war file (which is unpacked, with the classes directory included in my classpath). (I thought interfaces generated .class files, and so the .class file should be in the thredds.war file -- maybe I'm wrong.) Anyway, can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong, and/or point me to the necessary file(s)?

Also, are JavaDocs available for the THREDDS classes?

Thank you.


Bob Simons
Satellite Data Product Manager
Environmental Research Division
NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center
1352 Lighthouse Ave
Pacific Grove, CA 93950-2079

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