[THREDDS #ACH-367294]: TDS out of memory problems

Hi Jim,

I understand your concern about the free memory size trending down and hovering 
at a low number. However, I think that is just a function of how the Java 
garbage collection works on a server. On the other hand, we did have some 
memory issues awhile back, I think pre-3.14, so I would encourage you to make 
sure you are running our latest stable release 3.14.06:


Also, for JVM options and such, take a look at some of the setup documents 
reference from our TDS doc page


esp the "Security" and "Performance" links.

So, from your voice mail, it sounds like you did get some big requests that 
match up to the OutOfMemoryErrors. Could you send an example?



Ticket Details
Ticket ID: ACH-367294
Department: Support THREDDS
Priority: Low
Status: Open

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