[THREDDS #ACH-367294]: TDS out of memory problems

Hi Jim,

I should have remembered to ask this in my last message. What version of Tomcat 
are you running? And what version of the JVM are you running? You can find this 
info on the debug page if you follow the "Show Server info" link.

Also, what command line options are your running the JVM with. You can look in 
${TOMCAT_HOME}/bin/startup.sh or catalina.sh to determine this or run something 
like "ps -ef |grep tomcat".

Could you try to match the OutOfMemoryError messages to particular requests in 
the threddsServlet.log by looking for similar time stamps. Actually, the error 
messages you are seeing in catalina.out are ones we write so there should be 
matching lines in the threddsServlet.log files. When you find them, look for 
earlier messages where the number in the second set of square brackets matches. 
The first one with the same number should show the requested URL so we can see 
if it is a large data request. Since all the messages are coming from the 
OPeNDAP server, I suspect this is the culpret.

The cache settings in the threddsConfig.xml look fine. You aren't seeing 
anything listed in the "Show all Caches" page?


Ticket Details
Ticket ID: ACH-367294
Department: Support THREDDS
Priority: Low
Status: Open

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