[THREDDS #ACH-367294]: TDS out of memory problems

Hi Jim,

_From Ethan's summary of voice mail:
> TDS installation has occasional "out of memory" errors.
> Serving netCDF and GINI data.

What version of the TDS are you running?

Are you getting error message in the 
${TOMCAT_HOME}/content/thredds/logs/threddsServlet.log file? Or in the 
${TOMCAT_HOME}/logs/catalina.*.out file?

> Not sure if cacheing is setup correctly. The remote debugging
> pages for cacheing never list any files and clearing the cache
> does not seem to do anything.

Can you send my a copy of your ${TOMCAT_HOME}/content/thredds/threddsConfig.xml 



Ticket Details
Ticket ID: ACH-367294
Department: Support THREDDS
Priority: Low
Status: Open

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