Re: Question about CDM

G'day Pauline....

You might strong consider using the "CF Conventions" for your NetCDF
files.  These were set up for model data and are widely accepted and
understood.  You may find out details here:

<>  and

There is an on-line compliance checker at:

Further, if you cannot change the files,you might be able to use the
NCML to effectively 'rework' the structure into CF compliance -- I do
this occasionally when I get a netCDF file that is not compliant or
imcompatible with the application I'm using.

The "toolsUI" suite is good at showing the structure and has
facilities for creating and editing NCML if you need to.  There is a
download for this off the Unidata NetCDF-Java page:

Hope that helps....I'm sure others will chime in as well...

Best wishes,


On 4/19/07, Pauline Mak <pauline@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

I'm currently setting up a THREDDS server to server our datasets.  The setup
was fairly easy!  However, I'm running into problems with NetCDF files which
doesn't conform to the "Common Data (Access) Model" - we want to serve all
of our data through WCS (which comes for free with THREDDS data server!).
I've searched high and low for documentation on how to 'correct'
incompatible files. but failed to come up with anything.  Am I missing
something? Should all NetCDF files "just work" with the NetCDF-Java 2.2
library?  I'm aware that files should be gridded and regular.  Am I
understanding correctly that gridded means the files should have an x and y
axis with optional z and t?   Is there a nice method to find out if a file
is compatible and if it's not compatible, why it is so?

My understanding of NetCDF file is rather shallow... so please bear with me
if I'm asking a simple question...

Thanks & cheers,


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Tom Whittaker
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