[Support #JDR-657431]: RE: Opendap and thredds

Hi Jerry, answers are inline


From: Pan, Jerry Yun 
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 11:05 AM
To: 'caron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: Opendap and thredds

Hello John:
This is Jerry Pan and we met at the recent OpeNDAP Workshop at Boulder
(went to dinner with you and a bunch of people).  
I have some questions:
(1) After looking into OpeNDAP 4 (Hyrax) and TDS, it seems that there
are quite some overlap and synergy between the two. Will these be merged
in the future?

  I dont know, at the moment the plan is to share common code rather than to 
(2) Hyrax OLFS supports THREDDS Catalog, can it support other TDS
functions like Aggregation and Virtual Dataset (if it does how that
would work)?

  No it doesnt.
(3)  How a TDS server typically work with WMS/WCS (on

I have been evaluating Opendap and TDS for my organization (Oak Ridge
National Lab). Although I don't know all the requirement but one thing I
know is we want quite a lot of server-side processing.  I think TDS may
be a good choice (except for that it does not support HDF-EOS).  I am
also thinking to extend OLFS can do a lot of things - it is good that is
Java (ee) and I wonder if I can use a more powerfull j2ee app server
like JBoss.

  TDS should be useable in any servlet container, but we havent tested, and 
probably we have some Tomcat-specific configuration. You could be the first to 
find out!

  I would guess that Hyrax is in the same boat, but you should probably post 
that wuestion to dods-tech group.
I believe your insights would help me a lot to sort these things out.
Thank you in advance, and hope I am not taking too much of your time.

  you're welcome!
Pan, Jerry Yun Posted on 20070412.1531 MDT
.. I guess my second question is basically if the catalog.xml in hyrax can be 
used the same way to embeded NcML for data aggregation?

  No it cant.

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