[THREDDS #XBA-228331]: Unable to aggregate with NCML ....

Hi Robb:

Sorry, on closer look its probably not a growing file - i assume these files 
are static? Or not?

Do you have the full stack trace? Im not sure what the context is. Im guessing 
this is on the client?

This looks like theres a bad length somewhere, which causes a out-of-memory 
when it tries to allocate a bunch of memory (?)

Anyway, lets go at this problem systematically.

1. Create a stand-alone NcML aggregation file, without files that change. Try 
to read it in ToolsUI, or some other client.

2. Now add to TDS, and see if OPeNDAP access works.

3. If the files are changing, now test that case in the TDS.

thanks for debugging!

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: XBA-228331
Department: Support THREDDS
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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