[THREDDS #XBA-228331]: Unable to aggregate with NCML ....

Hi Rob:

1) timeUnitsChange is valid only for forecastModelRunCollection and 
forecastModelRunSingleCollection. I need to add it to regular joinExisting, 
since that should work for your case also. Did you have the impression that it 
should work for joinExisting from the docs somewhere?

This one is doing what I expect (I think):

  <datasetFmrc name="CIP FMRC Case 1"
               path="data/cip/fmrcCase1" >
     <metadata inherited="true">
     <netcdf xmlns="http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/namespaces/netcdf/ncml-2.2"; 
       <aggregation dimName="runtime" type="forecastModelRunCollection" 
timeUnitsChange="true" recheckEvery="2 min">
         <scan location="C:/data/AStest/ral/"

what do you see wrong with it?

Im looking at the other variants to see what problems there are.


> the OpenDAP service for each of those datasets becomes "null.html".  

ok, i have a fix for that. You can avoid problem by not putting spaces in the 
dataset name in the catalog, but i will now replace spaces with "_".

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Ticket ID: XBA-228331
Department: Support THREDDS
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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