[THREDDS #ZWE-784621]: html markup for catalog.xml?

Hi Bob,

I'm adding some of your suggestions to our list of features to add (more 
details below). Not sure when it will happen. For now, you can change the CSS 
by replacing $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/thredds/upc.css. That same directory also 
contains various logos we use including folder.gif. So you could change the 
folder logo but that won't get you different ones at different levels. Any 
changes in the webapps directory will get overwritten when a new version of the 
TDS is installed on your server. One of the items I'm adding to our list is to 
move the CSS file and some logos into the content/thredds directory so user 
changes will not get overwritten with new TDS versions.

If you try changing the CSS, let us know where you find things in the HTML that 
get in your way. Those are quicker changes (usually) so I can try to change 
them as suggestions come in. Some of these other changes will take more work.

More below.

> It is a not-important desire to be able to specify the html code for
> each individual dataset. But you could implement it by supporting an
> additional attribute for the catalogRef tag in the catalog.xml file.  It
> could be called something like 'label', which would allow html mark up
> in the tag (which, I gather, xlink:title, does not).

This probably won't happen. We try to keep the catalog XML to a minimum and 
focused on the hierarchical structure and descriptive information rather than 
display information. 
> Yes, it would be great if we could provide our own CSS for the
> catalog.html pages which are generated.  Hopefully, this is easier for
> you to implement. It would allow us to fix the basic problem we confront
> -- the courier font that you selected makes long dataset names (which
> are more descriptive) be so wide on the screen that they wrap around to
> the next line, resulting in a jumble of dataset names on the screen.

Please try replacing the existing CSS file with your own (as described above). 
I'm adding putting these in a more user friendly and permanent place to our 
> It would be great if the content on the page was marked up in such a way
> that the CSS could apply different styles to the primary datasets,
> secondary datasets, tertiary datasets, ...

I'll have to take a look at what we have and how to make this happen. If you 
have suggestions on the HTML to make this work, let me know.
> It would be great if we could specify different image file names for the
> primary datasets, secondary datasets, tertiary datasets, ... to replace
> the current single file folder image.

I'm adding this to the list.

> And it would be great if THREDDS did little to format the page beyond
> using the information in the CSS, so that our CSS's style could
> completely specify the style of the page.

I'll take a quick look at our HTML now and a closer look when we get to these 
items in our ToDo list. For now, if you find things, let us know and I can make 
the change if it is quick.


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Ticket ID: ZWE-784621
Department: Support THREDDS
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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