[IDV #GFM-139212]: IDV - Sigma coordinates in IDV

Hi Andrew,

Have you been able to generate a catalog for your data or setup a THREDDS Data 
Server (TDS)?

One thing I want to mention, automatic scanning only happens in the TDS not in 
the IDV. So, if you try to open the catalog you have below with the datasetScan 
elements in the IDV, it won't know how to deal with the datasetScan elements. 
That is probably why you only get the "my data" title. The datasetScan elements 
are configuration information for the THREDDS Data Server to know how to find 
the data it is supposed to serve.


> Thanks for your help. I've tried your suggestion, but unfortunately I
> can't get it to work - I just end up with a source titled "my data", but
> there are no files listed. I've been through all the documentation
> several times, but aren't sure what I'm doing wrong. If you can see what
> the problem is then that'd be great!
> My filesystem is like this:
> /usr/local/AMPS/idv/data/incoming/champ/nz12kmn/2006101112.nc
> /usr/local/AMPS/idv/data/incoming/champ/nz12kmn/2006101118.nc
> /usr/local/AMPS/idv/data/incoming/champ/nz12kmn/2006101200.nc
> /usr/local/AMPS/idv/data/incoming/ec_ens/nz/2006101112.nc
> /usr/local/AMPS/idv/data/incoming/ec_ens/nz/2006101118.nc
> /usr/local/AMPS/idv/data/incoming/ec_ens/nz/2006101200.nc
> and I'd like to have the THREDDS server generate a list of the files
> under the 'champ/nz12kmn/' and 'ec_ens/nz' directories. My current xml
> file is below, but when I load this into IDV I only get the item "my
> data".
> I'm not also entirely sure what type of catalog I need - either OPeNDAP,
> or HTTP etc. At present I'd just like to be able to view files locally,
> and be able to select the newest, second newest, etc files in the
> 'champ/nz12kmn' and 'ec_ens/nz' directories. Once that works I'd then
> like to do the same thing but look for files on a different machine.
> If I access my data using a THREDDS server in this way, will the data
> become publicly available as an IDV THREDDS catalog? I'm a bit unclear
> about that.
> Sorry for all the questions, but thanks very much for your time,
> Andrew
> --------------------------------------------------------
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <catalog
> xmlns="http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/namespaces/thredds/InvCatalog/v1.0";
> name="Unidata IDV Catalogs">
> <service name="champ" serviceType="OPeNDAP" base="/thredds/dodsC/" />
> <dataset name="my data">
> <metadata inherited="true">
> <serviceName>champ</serviceName>
> </metadata>
> <datasetScan name="CHAMP netCDF" path="champ"
> location="/usr/local/AMPS/idv/data/incoming/champ/nz12kmn/" >
> <filter>
> <include wildcard="*.nc" />
> </filter>
> </datasetScan>
> <datasetScan name="EC ENS" path="ec_ens"
> location="/usr/local/AMPS/idv/data/incoming/ec_ens/nz/" >
> <filter>
> <include wildcard="*.nc" />
> </filter>
> </datasetScan>
> </dataset>
> </catalog>

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Ticket ID: GFM-139212
Department: Support THREDDS
Priority: Normal
Status: On Hold

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